Updating MYAMI Music’s SEO Rankings

MYAMI Music hired us to help out with the SEO aspect of the website, to reorganize the tabs and was requested to move a few things around in the menu area and polish some minor details.

MYAMI Music is using GoDaddy and their website builder. I wasn’t familiar with that system, but after navigating it for a while, I started to realize that it was very straightforward. After I had updated the menus, grammar, and polished up the website, I decided to start work on the SEO. With the other site I’ve created, I’ve used Rank Math. It’s super easy to use, and it tells you what you need to do next, I enjoy it a lot.

With GoDaddy’s website tools, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to install Rank Math. I wasn’t able to, they have their plugin, and I think it’s easier than anything else. They ask you questions that you have to fill out, and it does the work for you. I thought that was pretty cool.

About MYAMI Music:

We love to create and work in all aspects of entertainment—with recording artists, producers, songwriters, comedians, and influencers. We are a full-service organization that supports a diverse network of talent via our booking agency, artist management, music publishing, touring & events, PR & online media marketing, music production, and branding & sponsorship. We’ve cultivated strong relationships with industry leaders in artist management, technology, fashion, arts, and stay at the forefront with culture.

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