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My First Website

I remember back in 7th grade, a friend of mine outside of school came up to me and showed me something that I had never seen before, something called HTML. I had no idea what it was, but when he showed me what he could do with a few lines of code, saving his work and refreshing his web browser, I was immediately hooked and asked him to show me more.

The funny thing is that same year, my computer teacher came up to us and told us what our assignment would be for the year. Sure enough, it was to build a website, but using what I believe or remember, using Word or a program from Microsoft Office from back in the day. I did, however, ask my teacher if I could build my site using HTML, and she asked me: “Are you sure?” and I said: “Oh, yeah!”.

Back in the day, I loved music, that’s all I did, I wanted to become a DJ, I even did a few shows at the two schools I went to, that was fun. So, when I sat down to think about what type of website I wanted to do, it was a no brainer. I wanted to make a website where you can download music. The site wasn’t live; it was just on the PC that I was doing it on.

The format of the website was pretty simple, you scrolled down, and there was a list of artists, you clicked on any of the artists listed, and it would redirect you to that artist’s profile that I had created. I added a small biography of the artists, and right below that was a list of their albums. Even if I didn’t have that album, it was there listed, but it wasn’t clickable. Once you clicked on an album’s link, it would redirect you again, but this time to the albums page where I had a photograph of the cover, a small biography about the album and the list of songs where you could click on any and download the song and listen to it right there and then.

I had a ton of fun doing that website, and I knew from day one I would get A+, sure enough, I did, and I remember my teacher being very impressed with what I did. I’m just sad that I never continued doing it, when I got back into coding with HTML, this year, I immediately recognized most of the coding, but I knew right then and there that it had changed over the years. I would have to learn pretty much everything from scratch, and I’m glad I have to. It’s a challenge, and I’m more than happy to accept that challenge.




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