Friends of PACC

My First Volunteer Project: Updating Friends of PACC SEO Rankings

About a month ago, I was on Indeed looking for work, and I ran into a site called Catch A Fire, where you can apply for volunteer jobs. I ran into Friends of PACC, they were looking for someone to help with their SEO rankings, and by seeing what it is that they do, I had to apply.

Friends of PACC - Cover+Topper
Friends of PACC – Cover+Topper

When I got on the phone with Friends of PACC, the first thing they told was that their site was hosted by Squarespace. I knew this was going to be challenging. I told them there shouldn’t be a problem, I investigated how the SEO in Squarespace worked and I figured it would be challenging but fun.

What I first did was I went under Location Management: I added the business name, location, business categories, address, phone, email, added the PACC business hours, an About Us section, and added the primary logo and banner.

For each page, I made sure I updated the title and description. The reason why I updated the titles even though they say their optional is because some of them looked like what you see below. Website name – page – website name. So now, in this example, it looks like Contact – Website name. Cleaner, and it helps the SEO out.

I added the social links in the settings.

I doubled checked to see if the SSL is working properly.

I verified if the site was connected to Google Search Console and to Google Analytics.

I went through the whole website to see if there was any broken links.

Looks nice now:

I also recommended when uploading a picture from now on to use Friends of PACC – file name.

About Friends of PACC:

Our Mission
To support Pima Animal Care Center and enhance its efforts to save the lives of pets in need.

Our Vision
Every pet who comes to Pima Animal Care Center is supported with the resources needed to find a loving home.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below or email me: Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you have a great rest of your day! Please click here to return to my site. Thank you!