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A Detailed Blog About Creating TOPDECK Digital Marketing’s Website

I’m super thrilled to have partnered with the people at TOPDECK Digital. I studied super hard this year to earn my AWS certifications, and now I can use them. I’m helping with web design and web development on the frontend and backend for our client’s web applications. I’m super excited about this career move and super grateful!

For the backend, I used GoDaddy as the domain host. I installed WordPress while using WPBakery as the page builder. WPBakery is very different from Elementor, but I enjoyed the challenge and learned a lot while building the TOPDECK’s webpage.

For the “About Us” section, I wanted to focus on our goals because that’s the very first thing a potential new client would see. What we aim for as a company and what we want to do for our clients, we want to build a relationship based on communication and trust.

The “Our Services” section is always my favorite to create because I want to make it crystal clear to the client what it is that we do and that we want to make sure that they know they are our number one priority and we want them to be one hundred percent satisfied with what TOPDECK does. I always try to make it with four points as minimum and maximum.

I think adding a portfolio on the main page is important because it gives the company a reference and makes potential new clients aware of what we’ve done in the past and gives them a sense of security that we are the real deal. I also made it to where when you click on the company’s icon; it’ll send you to a blog post about what it was we did for each website.

The “Testimonials” section is another must-have because yes, we have the portfolio right above this section, but new potential clients want to see what our past clients’ have to say about our work, whether it’s good or bad.

Of course, the “Contact Us” section, how else would a potential new client or even an old client that might’ve lost our email get in contact with us? This section is essential. Here I used WPForms with the WP SMTP plugin using the Google mailer. I thought this was the easiest mailer option available.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below or email me: Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you have a great rest of your day! Please click here to return to my site. Thank you!

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